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  • compositing

  • VFX supervision


With experience dating back to The Frighteners (1996), OHUfx offers high-end visual effects services to the film industry. Over the years, they have built strong collaborative relations with several award-winning boutiques worldwide. This modular approach enables them to offer a lean, efficient workflow, maximising resources while minimising overheads. Other services include VFX supervision, on-set supervision, pipeline consulting, customised tool development and planetarium formats. Ohu (a māori word for a ‘communal working group) is the premise to help create a supportive environment in which to nurture projects … always with the aim of providing VFX for storytellers.

Scale Studios


  • miniatures

  • props


Scale Studios is a creative design and manufacturing workshop. Specializing in practical film effects, public art displays, collectibles and product prototyping, we combine 3D design and digital fabrication with traditional hands on skills to help you realize your creative vision. From concept to a final product, we take digital ideas at any scale, and make them real.

Undercover Media


  • compositing


UndercoverMedia is a young company specializing in VFX for film and streaming media. While we can do small CG and FX tasks, our main focus is on compositing and CG integration. With a capacity of up to 5 seats, we can handle small to medium size sequences, usually up to 40 or so shots per project. We have recently worked on “Lost in Space  (S1 & S2)”, “Watchmen” and “Born to be Murdered”.

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